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Experienced Real Estate Investment Advisors

Are you interested in real estate investing, but feel overwhelmed by the financing, the unknowns or the information overload?

You’re not alone. We’ve been there too. We became realtors and established Think Real Estate to help people like you. To guide you on your investment journey.

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.”

– Will Rogers

What Are Your Financial Goals?

Real estate investing is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It is a plan to build wealth over time. To do that, you’ll first need to get acquainted with your real estate investment goals. With your goal in mind, you’ll be able to choose wisely between investment options and levels of return.

Hold Real Estate

  • Rental Property
  • Flip and Hold
  • Pre-construction

Finance Real Estate

  • Rent-to-Own Investing
  • Private Lending
  • Mortgages

Flip Real Estate

  • Pre-construction Assignment
  • Fix and Flip
  • Wholesaling Houses

Pooled Investments

  • Private Equity
  • ETFs

Investing In Real Estate Is Simple But Not Easy

We will help you understand the obstacles, risks and what’s possible become more than you could have imagined.

Our Investment Process

Determining your goals and preferences.

Real estate investing starts with talking to our team of good listeners. We want to help you find the type of investment that is well suited to your goals, timing, and the geography of where you are investing.

Determine what’s possible

The next step is whittling down the possibilities into the types of investments that will work for your goals. As a team of investors and real estate professionals we make this discovery process seamless.

Let the search begin!

Start with our no-obligation context showings to get a feel for what type of investments are within your budget. Then we help you get laser focused by creatively using all our experience and proprietary database of private listings to make the process effortless.

Finding the perfect investment

When we find the perfect investment you are fully prepared to act! We will help to make sure the numbers work to achieve your goals. As experienced investors and negotiators, this is where we shine.

Renovate, Rent and Refinance

The process of crushing your investment goals has just begun! We work with a team of experts, from trades to architects, lawyers, and mortgage professionals to ensure a seamless process. From closing the deal to getting the property renovated, tenanted, and refinanced so you can free up capital for your next investment!

We are always here to help

We believe that this is a lifetime relationship. We will help you continually maximize your potential. From upgrades, solving problems, and finding great tenants, to taking the next step in your property journey. 

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