How To Invest In Real Estate – A Real Estate Investment Journey

Follow Kevin on his real estate investment journey as he buys a great house in a great neighbourhood with laneway potential and starts renovating. That’s when things got complicated…

Kevin was looking for a property to live in and create a secondary suite and a laneway suite so he could “Live for Free”. After an extensive search we found this property and signed a deal conditional on a survey to make sure that we could build the laneway. We couldn’t get the survey done in time but by then we were 99.9% sure that we could get the necessary permits.

The plan was to do all the drawings and be ready to go once we took possession. But life interferes and we didn’t get into full scale planning until we got the keys. And a project that started out as a “face-lift” turned into a full renovation: down to the studs. In the end, Kevin is happy he made that decision as he will have a solid house that will be low maintenance and less costly to run as an investment. But it has slowed down the timeline and increased the expense. We join Kevin as he is almost ready to finally finish the main house and move on to the laneway construction.

This is a great example of a “trusted relationship” where we work together as a team to buy the right property and help with the decision making along the way. Our friendship really developed as we have gone through this journey together.

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Supriya Dalal

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