How to Buy A House – When to Walk Away From A Deal

Everything is going smoothly fairly smoothly with predictable problems until we get to this spooky basement!

The reason we do home inspections is to understand all the potential problems, ongoing costs and maintenance issues with home ownership. And one of the best ways to understand all the details of your potential new home is to perform a home inspection.

As a realtor and investor when I am doing a home inspection, I am looking for the big stuff. Problems that will simply cost too much to fix, have too many unknowns, or will change the investment numbers significantly. Most “diamonds-in-the-rough” are normally sound properties that just need predictable renovations. Surprisingly, we don’t often encounter a situation where we should just walk away from a potential property. Luckily you get to see this video where everything was going smoothly until we got to the basement!

Watch as Jordin guides you through this spooky basement home inspection with Shawn Janes from Clarified Home Inspections.

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