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Find a home you love in the city

Toronto can be a stressful place to buy real estate and we can help you navigate this complex market. We want this process to be as effortless and painless as possible. Our team will empower you with information and guidance and assist you in finding the perfect home.


The Most Important Service For Any Home Buyer… Automatic Property Updates.

If you're searching online you are getting listings up to 48 hours later than other buyers! If you stop searching for even a day you could miss out on the perfect property. Let us do it for you.

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Search for the Perfect Property

We understand that every buyer has different levels of experience and requirements. A first-time buyer needs more hand-holding walkthrough, and an investor will need extensive information for a good return.

At Think Real Estate, our team has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in gaining market expertise. We ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled, and you love your new home.

Automated Property Updates

We are well-aware of the Toronto market and have gathered thousands of property listings so that you wouldn’t miss out on the best. To help you stay ahead of your competition, we send automated property updates. We always put our clients first. Our experts will guide you on all available options in a friendly and professional manner to help you make smart, informed decisions.

Our Process

1. Finding options you could love

A great home-buying experience starts with you talking to our team of good listeners.  We take the time to understand what you could love. We can offer ideas to highlight the full range of real estate possibilities.

2. Determining what’s possible

The next step is whittling down the possibilities into the types of properties you could love in the neighborhoods you can afford. We are a team of professionals that will make this discovery process seamless and comfortable.

3. Starting the search

Start with our no obligation context showings to get a feel for what types of properties are within your budget in the neighbourhoods you prefer. Then we help you get laser focused by creatively using all our experience and our proprietary database of private listings to make the process effortless.

4. Finding a home to love

By now you are fully prepared to act when we find the perfect home, a home you can love! As experienced realtors and negotiators this is where we really shine.

5. Loving your new home

The process of loving your new home has just begun. We work with a team of experts from movers and trades to lawyers and mortgage professionals to ensure a seamless process from negotiating the deal to settling into your new home.

6. We are always here to help

We believe that this is a lifetime relationship from helping you with ongoing home ownership to renovating as your needs change or taking the next step in your property journey.